The Painting Fool is software that we hope will one day be taken seriously as a creative artist in its own right. The software has been written over the last dozen years, and has produced artworks that have been exhibited in galleries in London, Paris, Lisbon and Brussels. The Painting Fool employs graphics, machine vision, machine learning, constraint solving and other AI techniques to produce pictures through various pipelines. These pipelines include producing collages from newspaper articles, simulating a mood and painting a portrait to fit the mood (then checking using machine vision if the mood has been achieved).

With this project, we have raised and tried to address numerous philosophical issues on what it means for software to be creative, leading to numerous publications on such topics.

Here is a leaflet on Computational Creativity and The Painting Fool, prepared for a recent exhibition at the Science Museum, London.

The main webpage for The Painting Fool is here:

Here is an image from one of the most recent series from The Painting Fool, entitled: I Can See Unclearly Now:


and here is a video of the talk that I gave at the 2015 International Conference on Computational Creativity:


Ongoing progress on The Painting Fool will be documented on our blog.

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