Let It Snow is our first game released under the banner of @thoseMetaMakers. The basic game was made with Gamika Technologies, and the whole process took only about 15 minutes. We developed a Gamika Player iOS app to just play the games made with Gamika, and we made/downloaded some snow-themed resources to polish the game with. Below are some more details.

It’s Snowing!

Snow and rain are pouring down, but who wants rain at Christmas? Let It Snow is a free holiday-themed action puzzle from @thoseMetaMakers. With a quick eye and a fast finger, you can trap the raindrops and let it snow. The more snow, the more points you score, skating towards the target of 100 points.

The rules are simple: when four or more raindrops cluster together, they will burst and more will rain down. When four or more snowflakes cluster together, they will melt and new ones will fall. For every melted snowflake, you gain a point, and for every burst raindrop, you lose a point. To control the flow, you can tap the raindrops to burst them, but not the snowflakes. To beat the game, you need to score 100 points.

A hard-as-hailstones physics puzzler, you will need to dedicate your life to this simple game if you want to get good at it. Every time you play, you will improve your snow skills, but it can be difficult to battle the rain, and there will be setbacks. Reach the 100-point goal in under 100 seconds to be awarded the prestigious purple snowflake!

Made by @thoseMetaMakers, the core game for Let It Snow was made in just 15 minutes, using rapid development tools called Gamika Technologies built in The MetaMakers Institute. For more information about this, follow @thoseMetaMakers.


  • Simple rules that take only a few seconds to pick up
  • Fast physics-based action
  • Cosy music by Kevin Macleod and snowy visuals
  • Challenging gameplay requiring planning, fast reactions and accuracy
  • Try to beat the AI champion – can you get a time under 60 seconds?
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Promo Video


Papers and Posts

  • A blog post about how the AI-bot beat us sad humans: AI beats man


Music: Wish Background  by Kevin MacLeod

Texture: Light Gray  by Brenda Lay

Background: Christmas Vector  designed by Freepik

Font: Dolce Vita  by Muraknockout

Game: Let It Snow  by @thoseMetaMakers