The first MetaMakers Open House was held from 10am to 4pm on May 18th, 2017, in the Sandpit of the AIR building on Falmouth University’s Penryn campus. The Open House consisted of a series of videos playing on a loop (see below), along with printouts of our papers and numerous hand-held devices demonstrating the prototype software Wevva that we have built to enable casual creation of simple video games.

At lunchtime, around 25 participants enjoyed a 1-hour game jam during which everyone made, played and shared video games with the Wevva app. The participants came from across the university, with a strong presence from Games Academy colleagues.


The following video presentations formed the backbone of the Open House. These videos are submitted as part of the first annual report (deliverable D5.3) for the EC-funded FP7 GRO project (grant number: 621403).

The following video presents the Wevva hand-held casual creator app. We have been developing this software prototype in order to experiment with on-device game mechanic creation and rapid game jams.


The next video presentation gives an overview of the research questions and the research tracks that we are investigating in The MetaMakers Institute, as part of the GRO project.

We have worked very closely with local schools and other local and national youth organisations. The following video charts the progress of our schools’ programme.

We held an international art exhibition at the Poly in Falmouth in 2016, which celebrated the overlap and interplay between video games and more traditional art forms. This video presents details about the exhibition.

We have worked hard to disseminate our work in scientific and artistic events/journals, as well as being part of public facing events and working with journalists, broadcasters and documentary makers. This final video shows some of the highlights of this outreach programme.