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The MetaMakers Institute in the Games Academy of Falmouth University are proud to announce the second festival in the Games as Arts / Arts as Games series, which will run from 10-31 May at the Exchange Gallery in Penzance, and from 7-15 June at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts on our Penryn campus.

In this series of exhibitions, we look at the relationship of games with other art forms and converse with ideas around art-based approaches to game making and the materials used to make games. We examine games as a lens through which to examine other, more established art practices. We also address the potential for games to take up the mantle of other art forms in the process of critiquing society and creating change.

This year’s festival looks at games through the lens of play. It will include the artist in residency project of internationally leading performance robotics artist Petra Gemeinboeck. Petra will lead a Machine Mouvement Lab with robotics workshops that examine our relationship with machines, exploring challenges relating to difference, otherness, affect and empathy. Pioneering artist group Blast Theory will organise their Fixing Point audio experience in the beautiful grounds of the University’s Penryn campus.

Parisian composer, performer and digital artist Stephane Bissières will exhibit his “Hard Drives Music” sound art installation and his interactive artwork Human Likes, and he will provide the music for the opening night, where a robotic performer and a human dancer will interact in an hypnotic dance performance. Interdisciplinary Canadian digital performance group Kondition pluriel will perform Enjeux, where bodies and objects act as extensions but also as limits, tools, or constraints.

The art exhibition will feature a game called Bounden by games company Game Oven in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet, where players dance their bodies together around the mobile app. Local art collective @ThoseMetaMakers will debut a new two-player generative art game where players win through rhythm, control and grace. Copenhagen/New York games studio Die Gute Fabrik will present Johan Sebastian Joust, a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers, which plays Bach in slow motion.

Play transcends the immediate needs of life and opens up an alternative scope for action or a ‘room for manoeuvre’, in which things are ‘at play’, loosened from their ties to the everyday. Play is thus a space, where new meanings can emerge. Games as {performing} arts explores this generative capacity of play across the two domains of games and performance. Both of them render the boundaries between our reality and other, possible realities, porous and elastic, allowing us to move from one to the other, become somebody or something else, and play by different rules.

Games as {performing} arts both manifests and creates new links between games and performance by looking at how time, movement and rules-as-enabling-constraints become catalysts for play. Audiences will immerse and improvise in a series of exhibitions and performances, where human performers become puzzle pieces, unassuming objects come alive, realities are unearthed, and new connections are made.

[Text by Tanya Krzywinska, Petra Gemeinboeck, Blanca Perez Ferrer and Simon Colton]

Games as {Performing} Arts: 2018 Festival