Over 120 students and staff attended our Game Jams, workshops and talks, not to mention the studio of the Painting Fool.

Last Thursday we spent the day at Nexus, Camborne Science and International Academy’s Centre of Excellence for STEM. Nexus is home to CSIA’s Gifted STEM programme, a unique programme that offers students who are particularly able in Science, Technology and Mathematics a chance to thrive and shine in their chosen field of study through a bespoke curriculum designed to engage and challenge gifted learners. Alongside this specially designed curriculum, students experience a rich co-curricular programme that complements the curriculum and deepens and develops the scholarship of these students.

Simon gave the students a general introduction to Artifical Intelligence and introduced them to the concept of computational creativity. Blanca presented the Games Academy and how games are studied as cultural artefacts. She also pointed out how big museums are now collecting video games. Swen and Marc introduced No Second Chance, our game-design app that is currently under development, as a tool for creative expression. Swen and Marc then led three game jams over the course of the day where students had the chance to create their own game on their Ipads using No Second Chance. As an introduction to physics based games, the students also could dive into Let It Snow, our first app, available on the apple store. This is the first session of a wider project with the school.

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Check below the comments of some of the students:

The Metamakers visit Nexus house of the Gifted STEM Programme
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