Stéphane Bissières

Composer, performer and digital artist, Stéphane Bissières lives and works in Paris. Stephane’s work often combines digital and mechanical. His pieces deploy a deep understanding of the beauty laying behind the mechanical nature of its elements, to produce surprising new assemblies with a strong sense of playfulness. His creations evolve around research on digital art, scenic art and representative forms. He sees his work as a reflection on our relationship to technology and obsolescence, and on all sorts of human hybridization with the machine. Interactive design is at the centre of his installations, and his improvised live performances with machines are intrinsically linked to this approach where the artistic process remains directly related to the gesture.

From experimental electronic music to modern composition, his musical projects explore the repetition of patterns to influence the perception of time. Fascinated by the concept of artificial life and generative systems, he uses mathematical models to develop algorithms for autonomous real-time creation.

Awarded by Sacem, Imeb and Paris Jeunes Talents, he is a composer for Radio France and also collaborates with the Signature label and the GRM. He developed new interfaces for gesture capture for the company Dafact, realised installations for the Fresnoy and created at the National Institute of Audiovisual the course of interactive creation. He has numerous collaborations and co-productions with Le Cube, digital art centre in Paris.

Selected works

Dataline and Clapping Drives of his series Hard Drives Music (sound art installations) and Human Likes will be presented at The Exchange Gallery (10-31 May) & AMATA, Penryn Campus (7-15 June).

Human Likes Interactive installation, 2016

Human likes is an audiovisual interactive installation using Augmented Reality to create link between strangers. The interaction is based on a face detection device used to design a visible interface between different observers. Beyond the playful side, the installation portraits the ambiguity of a video surveillance society which one can hardly escape, with data extraction everywhere. It also talks about computer vision and how we are seen by machines. To enter the network, simply observe and you will be interconnected in realtime to other participants.

Hard Drives Music

“Hard Drives Music” is a series of sound art installations (Dataline, Clapping Drives, Coil Song) composed by assembling several hard disk modules controlled via Arduino. Each hard disk is an acoustic sound source, making a synthesiser that algorithmically produces generative melodic patterns.
In the field of digital, virtual and abstract arts, obsolete parts are vestiges of a changing entity. They tell us about identity and evolution. The artist has dismantled the “mechanical” hard disks, deprived them of their memory tray, revealing their mechanical nature. A new life emerges from them with microsystems generating musical patterns. Hard drives music exudes industrial poetry and aims to have a say about our relationship to obsolescence and technology.