Untitled ( Loosing it)

Untitled ( Loosing it) Oliver Sutherland

Diner Lumino city original model, State of play

Diner Lumino city original model, State of play

Ten international contemporary artists working with video games technologies will be showing their work. Finding Fanon 2, a video installation piece of David Blandy and Larry Archiapong, is a touching machinima piece. Alan Meades experimental approach to glitch art shows video games from a very different perspective, mainly aesthetically. Ian Gouldstone’s video installation Cruise control 2020 uses live simulation to create a non ­repeating yet constant movement which wants to be a mirror of our time. Game Arthritis employs irony and lots of humour to point out how preconceptions and cliches shape our ideas about games and gamers.


Game arthritis, IOCOSE and Mateo Bittanti

For this first exhibition, we are particulary interested in those video games titles where more traditional materials and techniques were used – to emphasise the art and craft of game making. Two iconic games in this genre: Lumino city and Botanicula will be representing this savoir faire. The event will take place next October at the Poly in Falmouth.
game arthritis

Game arthritis, IOCOSE and Matteo Bittanti

I create you destroy

I create you destroy, @ThoseMetaMakers

Samorost 3 sketch

Samorost 3 sketch, Amanita Design

Cruisse Control 2020, Ian Gouldstone

Cruisse Control 2020, Ian Gouldstone