Festival Events

Official opening

Thursday 13th October :

From left to right: Simon Colton and Ed Pawley from @ThoseMetamakers, Ian Gouldstone, Luke Whittaker from State of Play and Oliver Sutherland.

Keynote speech of Hartmut Koenitz
Public discussion with the artists.
Private view

International Unconference

Thursday 20th October: all day.

An unconference on procedural content generation meets automated play-testing. Some of the world’s leading experts on AI in video games will be attending this workshop. We will explore how procedural content generation and automated playtesting can be profitably combined for the benefit of both fields, leading to new opportunities for game design. There will be a strong focus on practical elements via the sharing of ideas, code, prototypes and projects.

Public Discussion with Michael Mateas

Thursday 20th October: 7pm at the POLY


Friday 21st October: all day.


The Procedural Generation Jam – Make Something That Makes Something

Our aims for PROCJAM are:

Below are the details about how the event works. There’s no winner or loser in PROCJAM, so the format is really just there to help people get organised. Don’t let it get in the way of fun!