Oliver Sutherland


Oliver Sutherland (b. 1985 Cornwall, UK)

Oliver Sutherland graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012 and is currently a practice-based PhD candidate as part of the 3D3 Consortium. Over the past two years he has worked with Falmouth University and Centroid Motion Capture Studios in the development of several new video works that focus on the physical attributes of Motion Capture as a sculptural and object based performance. Sutherland was recently an associate artist as part of the Tate St Ives Artist Programme, and is a recipient of the Spike Island Moving Image Bursary 2016. Sutherland’s work often examines the languages of digital production, focusing on the relationship between content, tool and the user. Through the development and depiction of simple narratives and actions, elaborate digital tools and processes are transformed and concentrated into humanised remains. Sutherland’s practice investigates the tensions that occur in understanding and translating acts and objects between virtual and actual space.