Games & {performing} Arts International Festival 2018

 Exhibition Exchange Gallery 10-31 May / Festival Penryn Campus 7-15 June

 Games as arts/arts as games is festival organised by The MetaMakers Institute of Falmouth University at the crossroads of games and art. With these series of exhibitions and the associated programme, we intend to contribute to the discussion about games as art forms. The first edition explored the links between visual art practices and video games. The 2018 festival organised in partnership with the Newlyn Art Gallery and the Exchange will investigate relationships between games, performance and AI, through shared notions of play. It will include an art exhibition, interactive robotic installations, live dance performances and a scientific workshop.


Guest artists

Blast Theory, Kondition Pluriel, Stéphane Bissières, Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders, Johan Sebastian Joust a game from die Gute Fabrik, Bounden a game from Game Oven in collaboration with the Dutch national ballet, Line Wobbler from Robin Baumgarten and Tilt the new game from @ThoseMetaMakers.

 In advance of, and alongside the festival, an artist in residence will study the potential for movement and dance to re-imagine how we relate to machines, exploring how robots can become playful, social performers, without mimicking human beings.