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Second, my administration would appoint regulators committed to reversing illegal and anti-competitive tech mergers.

appoint regulators

Companies with an annual global revenue of $25 billion or more and that offer to the public an online marketplace, an exchange, or a platform for connecting third parties would be designated as “platform utilities” These companies would be prohibited from owning both the platform utility and any participants on that platform.

 regulators committed

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Current antitrust laws empower federal regulators to break up mergers that reduce competition. I will appoint regulators who are committed to using existing tools to unwind anti-competitive mergers, including: Amazon : Whole Foods; Zappos Facebook : WhatsApp; Instagram Google : Waze; Nest; DoubleClick. Unwinding these mergers will promote healthy competition in the market — which will put pressure on big tech companies to be more responsive to user concerns, including about privacy. Protecting the future of the internet. So what would the Internet look like after all these reforms?

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